Please note that ADH is an all volunteer group. All of our animals for adoption are located in foster homes. No appointments will be made to meet any of the animals until an application has been submitted and approved.

All of our animals are vet checked, fecal tested and treated, given age appropriate vaccines, spayed/neutered, and microchipped.

What goes in to the adoption fee:

(this is a breakdown of vet fees. NOT our adoption fees)

Basic Care:

Office Visit                          $35-$60

Fecal Check                         $16-$20

Rabies Vaccine                  $13-$30

DHLPP                                   $14-$40

Bordatella                           $13-$31

Heartworm Test                 $30-$48

Heartworm Prevention     $8

Flea Prevention                 $9-$15(per dose)

Dewormer                           $9-$15(per dose)

Spay/Neuter                       $200-$400

Micro-chipping                  $50-$60

Basic Care                           $397-$737*PER DOG

*the above list does not include the cost of grooming, training, behavior assessments, and food while in the care of the rescue.  This also does not include any extra work such as dentals, surgeries to repair broken bones or any other illnesses that may come up.

This also does not include “basics” of each dog (i.e. collar, leashes, toys, food and bowls etc).    


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