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Haddie Lab mix

Meet Haddie

**UPDATE Haddie is officially healed and ready for her forever home. She is a very happy girl who loves to run run run. She loves (hates) squirrels and will chase them all day long if possible. She loves to lean up on you and kiss kiss kiss. She is just one happy girl.

**UPDATE Haddie's cast has come off. However due to an infection she had to be monitored and on antibiotics. Also because of the splint and cast being on her leg for so long she now has calcification around the knee and is unable to walk on her rear leg. She is now on crate rest and will be seeing the doctor again in the beginning of September for another x-ray and check on the leg. We are hoping that with some time, slow exercise and therapy she will have full function of her leg. Haddie is showing great improvement and is trying so hard. She is still all tail wags and kisses and gets upset that she can't play with the other dogs.

Haddie is a very sweet, very loving 6 month old lab mix puppy who came to us from the local shelter with a severely broken leg. She had a splint put on her that caused her massive lacerations to her leg. Right now she is spending time in the vet hospital recovering from her infection and hoping to correct her leg. (we are hoping to have her home June 9th)

More About Haddie

  • Female
  • Medium Size
  • spay/neuter
  • vaccines up to date
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