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Charlotte (hospice) Mastiff mix

Please welcome Charlotte to the ADH Hospice family.

**UPDATE 8/24/2014** Charlotte had her vet appointment and the news was more upsetting than we thought. Charlotte is 80% blind and 90% deaf (if not fully). She is also suffering from neurological issues that will never go away. She has not control of her legs and we are unsure if she will ever have full control. Our vet felt it best that she be spoiled for as long as she has and that we just keep her comfy. We are fully committed to making her life the best ever.

Charlotte is an amazing dog, and everything that we love at ADH. Char is extremely special needs. She came to the shelter with many medical issues. She had entropion (cherry eye) in both eyes, her puppy teeth were removed, a rubber band was around her tail (back yard docking), vision impairment, weak hip/leg muscles which may lead to arthritis and she was emaciated. Her tongue is always hanging out due to an unknown injury or medical problem. Despite abuse and mistreatment she maintained her sweet disposition.

We at ADH are so happy to bring her in our program and help her with her medical needs. Because she is suffering from so many medical ailments, and will have life long ailments, she will stay in our hospice program. Char loves other dogs, cats, children, and all people. You will be meeting this girl at our events as well.

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